The Bais Hamedrash and Mesivta of Baltimore is pleased to offer a variety of Financial Aid options to our students.  We strive to maximize resources available to provide the highest quality education at a reasonable, affordable cost to every student.

The resources on this page are a guide to students, current and prospective, on what costs to expect in attending our institution, as well as the financial aid process and options available.  All of these documents can also be found in our main campus office. Please call to speak with our Financial Aid Administrator, Bebe Abergel, at 410-486-0006 with any questions or information requests.


Financial Aid Handbook This is the place to start.  Our financial aid handbook contains detailed information on Federal & State grants, as well as institutional scholarships available.

Federal Student Aid – The U.S. Department of Education’s website for financial aid.

Net Price Calculator – A tool to estimate your personal expenses and potential financial aid if you attend our institution.


Federal Student Aid – The FAFSA application.  State of Maryland residents also qualify for State aid through this application.

Institutional Scholarship – Our application to apply for a need-based scholarship.


Verification Worksheet 2018-19

Financial Aid Appeal  – After receiving an initial financial aid award, you have the option to appeal the decision based on additional financial factors.  Utilize this form to initiate the process.